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Google Drawings Battle Royale

Image Battle Royale

The premise of the Google Drawings Battle Royale is simple - make a copy of the Google Drawing found here, invite four students as editors, then post a relevant term, character, concept, etc. that you want your students to represent in their responses. 

Once the students know the word, start the timer in the top left corner - it's a one-minute version of Europe's "The Final Countdown," a fun way to count down to the big "reveal" between the students. During that time, the students scour the internet for an image, GIF, or any visual representation that they believe best captures the word you selected. Once they find their image, they put it in the Google Drawing in their assigned section.

At the end of the minute, you reveal the Google Drawing to the whole class, and all students vote on which image best represents the word. After revealing the vote, each competitor gets a chance to explain why they chose their visual. After the explanations, conduct another group vote to see if any opinions change. Feel free to repeat the game with new contestants and terms!